Australia’s dairy industry hits ‘biggest downturn in a generation’

Industry groups are calling for fresh investment and higher production levels in the country’s dairy sector after the biggest downturn in Australia’s industrial agricultural advertising signs.

The downturn has seen the industry shed more than 15,000 jobs in the past year alone.

Dairy farmers say they’ve had to turn to cheaper imported milk to feed their families and are concerned that a price increase of between 4.5 and 5 cents will cause more people to quit the business.

The Australian Capital Territory’s Dairy Farmers Union (AFTU) has launched a new campaign to boost production and support the industry, which has been hit by falling milk prices and rising supply costs.

The campaign features a new poster featuring the iconic image of the iconic Australian flag.

“Australia’s dairy farms have been on the back foot for years, and the industry’s been forced to go through a huge turnaround,” said AFTU president David Macleod.

“Our dairy farmers are hurting, but our community is also suffering.

The AFTUs new campaign is about showing how the AFTUS is helping our dairy farmers through the tough times.”

Dairy farming and agriculture is a complex industry with diverse stakeholders, and dairy farmers say the AFTs campaign is an important step towards addressing the challenges they face.

“There’s been a lot of misinformation about what’s happening with dairy farming,” said Mr Macleot.

“I think that’s the biggest challenge that we have.

We have to be more aware of our consumers and how they’re consuming milk, and be more transparent with them.”

The AFTs poster shows a range of products including milk, cheese, yogurt and meat, but also includes a dairy product called milk chocolate that was developed by the Australian Dairy Milk Research Institute.

“The AFTAs new campaign highlights the need to support the dairy industry, to support farmers, to give them the support they need to stay competitive in the marketplace,” Mr Maclean said.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is also calling for more investment. “

That’s why we’re working to support them to do that and support our farmers and our communities to support each other through this tough time.”

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is also calling for more investment.

“This is an issue that needs to be dealt with on a national scale,” NT Federation of Farmers (NTFU) president David Taylor said.

”There’s a need to invest more, and that will require an investment of money.

“It will require the Government to invest in a variety of things, from increased infrastructure, more support for the dairy sector, increased support for dairy processors to support other areas.”

The NTFA is calling for a $500 million investment to support dairy processing and processing facilities in the NT, which could be funded through a package of measures including new taxes, grants, a national dairy credit and other measures.

“These investments will support dairy processors and farmers to continue to operate at high levels in a competitive market,” NTFA chief executive Andrew Wilson said.

The NFU is urging dairy farmers to be proactive with their marketing campaigns. “

For a dairy farmer, that means making sure that they get their products through to the farmers and then to the market as quickly as possible.”

The NFU is urging dairy farmers to be proactive with their marketing campaigns.

“If a farmer’s advertising is not strong, they may be losing out,” NTFU chief executive David Taylor says.

“And that’s why the NTFA has got to be a big supporter of them.”



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