Why did Ireland vote to ban GMOs?

The European Commission has been under fire from the agriculture industry for banning a major crop cultivation method that was approved by the EU’s Commission for the European Union, or EU.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) voted on Tuesday to ban GMO crops in Europe, with the EFSA calling the practice “unacceptable” and a “major risk to the public health and safety of people living in Europe”.

It is understood that a decision will be taken in the coming weeks.

Farmers in Ireland were given an ultimatum to stop using GMO crops by the end of January, if they did not comply.

The move is likely to cost the Irish agriculture industry more than €100m.

But in a major blow to the Irish industry, the decision has been overturned by the European Commission in a vote yesterday (local time) and the decision was overturned by a court in Dublin.

It is expected that the EU will appeal against the decision.

What you need to know about GMOs, pesticides and pesticides safety: GMO seeds have been approved by Europe’s regulators for commercial use, but farmers are still able to grow them.

But the European Food Standards Authority (Efsa) voted in favour of banning them last week.

They argued that they are a “significant risk” to the health and welfare of the European population, as well as to the environment.

In a statement, Efsa said it was “very concerned” that the commission’s decision “undermines the regulatory framework” for the use of GMOs in Europe. 

Glyphosate is a chemical compound that can be used to kill insects and crops in crops.

It has been used widely in agriculture and the environment for more than 100 years. 

“We are extremely disappointed with the decision, given the impact this decision has on the Irish agricultural industry,” said Liam O’Neill, chief executive of the Irish Farmers Association, which represents farmers in Ireland.

“This decision is in breach of the EU regulatory framework and we are considering our options in the wake of the decision.” 

Efsi said the decision could affect the farming industry as a whole.

“The decision to allow GM crops to be grown in the EU does not affect the farmers’ ability to supply their products to consumers,” the Efsi statement said.

“However, the EU decision will likely be challenged in the European Court of Justice.”

Gmo crops have been linked to an increase in cancer, birth defects and an increased risk of allergies in the past. “

Further, it is unlikely that the court will accept the EFSI’s assessment that the introduction and use of GM foods in Europe are consistent with the EU environmental protection objectives.” 

Gmo crops have been linked to an increase in cancer, birth defects and an increased risk of allergies in the past. 

In an editorial in the Irish Times on Tuesday, farmers in the north-east of Ireland called for the ban to be overturned, saying that “gmo farming in the country is causing problems for the environment and public health”. 

“It is time to bring the decision back into public debate,” said Dr Clare O’Hara, head of the organic food sector at the Association of Organic Farmers of Ireland. 

EFSI was criticised in the US last year when it announced it was planning to ban the use and cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified soybean.

The US Food and Drug Administration said that the ban was “in the best interests of farmers, consumers and the public”. 

GMA has a full coverage guide on GMOs and pesticides: For more information on the food, agri-food, pesticides, chemicals and environment news of the day click here


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