Farmer gets new job in California ag market

Farmer with a dream job at a farm in California has been let go.

The Farm Bureau said on Monday that it was sending a letter to the state’s largest farmer, Mark St. Clair, who has worked in the state for 20 years.

In a statement, the agency said the agency is not happy about the recent changes made to the employment law and that it would look to address them in the future.

The move comes after the Farm Bureau was criticized last month for letting a farmer, who had been employed by the agency for nearly a decade, go.

St. Claire was given a one-year extension, which ended in October.

He is scheduled to be fired next month.

The farm is a farm-to-table operation and St. Clay is the chief operating officer.

St. Clair had been working at a dairy farm in Bakersfield, California, when he was let go in January, according to a letter he received.

The letter also said that St. Cirles’ son, Daniel, who is an executive at the farm, will take over as chief operating manager.

The family farm has a herd of about 100 cows and two horses.

The letter also warned that “if you are not successful in your efforts, you will be terminated.”

The farm has been the subject of much criticism in recent months.

The Bakers, California-based Farm Bureau says in its letter that St Clair’s job was not a “traditional farm manager position,” but a “dairy farm management position.”

Agricultural Advertising has been a hot topic for several years, with the agency recently trying to ban the practice.


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