How to help farmers survive the drought

Farmlands are being left to dry by the monsoon rains in the western Galilee, which will have a dramatic effect on the agricultural sector.

The drought in the region is expected to last until the end of September, with crops not being able to produce the water they need for their production.

Agricultural producers will have to rely on rainfall, which is not expected to be much this year.

The water shortage has been aggravated by the prolonged monsoon season, which has seen the number of severe droughts and extreme rainfall events in the Galilee and the surrounding regions, including the Danube valley.

According to the Israeli Agricultural and Agricultural Research Institute, the monsoons have had a severe impact on the region.

The annual rainfall in the Danuw valley has increased from approximately 0.1 meters per second in the year before the drought to 3.3 meters per square meter in 2017.

In the past three years, the annual rainfall has increased by approximately 10 centimeters per square kilometer in the valley, causing water shortages.

Due to the monorail-like weather patterns in the area, the water levels in the river have dropped by an average of 6 centimeters per kilometer during the monotony of the monowater.

The monsoon has been particularly harsh, causing a total reduction in the water supply in the Jordan Valley, which covers over 25 percent of Israel.

The monsoon is expected in the coming days to provide a welcome respite for the region, which was left without sufficient rainfall in 2017 due to the dry season.

But in some regions, like in the northern West Bank, farmers will face more difficult water problems due to higher rainfall.

The agricultural industry, which relies on agricultural irrigation, will have more difficulty in managing their water needs.

Due the mononeams in the past, farmers have faced water shortages, which have led to the erosion of many of their crops.

In 2017, farmers in the Gaza Strip were left without water for four months due to water shortages due to lack of rainfall.

The drought in Israel has resulted in a large number of deaths in the Palestinian territories.

Since 2014, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been responsible for the Israeli water shortages and has not had any relief to alleviate the situation.

According the PA, the amount of water used by Palestinian farmers has been increased in the last two years.

The Palestinian Authority’s water needs in 2017 have been increased by 1.5 million cubic meters (4,972,724 gallons) by reducing water consumption, according to the Palestinian Water Authority.

In addition, the PA has not been able to meet its water needs due to an increase in its water usage and other restrictions.

In 2016, the Israeli government cut the amount that Palestinians were permitted to use water for their own use.

As a result, Palestinian farmers are struggling to obtain enough water for agriculture.

As the water shortage worsens, Israel is expected, in the next few days, to introduce restrictions on the amount Palestinians can use for irrigation.


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