A farmer is getting an eye in the sky to see the impact of artificial intelligence on agriculture

Next Big Futures, the technology startup behind the new agricultural billboard, said the new technology will be able to detect, track and analyze changes in agricultural land, including crop yields.

The technology can identify areas that are likely to become vacant and that will increase the chances of weeds spreading, and it can identify farmers who are not doing enough to protect their fields from drought and other stresses.

The company, which is developing technology to help farmers control weeds, said its billboards are being used in over 80 countries.

Farmers who use the technology will have a clear idea of where to plant crops and how many acres they have to plant, said Josh Nitz, a partner in Next Big Things, which made the billboards.

Farmers will have the ability to see how much water they need and to use it to grow crops. 

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It said the technology was being used to spot, track, and analyze weeds in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru, and in Chile, Chile in particular.

NextBigFarmers said it has deployed its new technology to other countries, and has also used it to detect and remove weeds. 

NextBigFarm, which was founded by former Microsoft executive and venture capitalist Jim Clark, has raised more than $5.5 million to date. 

In addition to using artificial intelligent technology, the company said it also is working with agricultural associations in Chile and Chile in Argentina and Peru to train local farmers in artificial intelligence. 

“The future of agriculture lies in the adoption of intelligent systems, such as artificial intelligence, to help manage crops and livestock,” said Matt Smith, the CEO of NextBig, in a press release. 

The technology is a natural extension of technology that farmers use to monitor their own crops and monitor the condition of their fields, according to NextBig. 

For example, farmers are often concerned about weeds and other pests, Smith said. 

He added that the use of artificial intelligent systems could also help farmers better control pests, which can spread diseases. 

Another new product the company is developing is a drone that is able to use artificial intelligence techniques to determine if there is a shortage of water, said Smith.

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