What’s in the Ag Lab at the University of Maryland?

The Ag Lab on campus is home to an agricultural advertising agency.

The AgLab, an initiative from the University’s Agricultural Marketing Department, is a collaboration between the University and the Maryland Department of Agriculture, which helps farmers sell their products and help growers learn more about their crops.

The AgLab has partnered with local food brands, including Food4Kids and the Food Network.

A few months ago, the AgLab partnered with the Maryland Farm Bureau to help growers sell their produce through local farms.

In addition to the Aglab, the University also sponsors a number of other farm-related programs, including the Maryland Food Bank.

It also hosts an annual farmer’s market.

And it has a number, including one that celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019.

In this video, we’re talking to Anne Burtch, the Agriculture Marketing Director at the AgCenter, and Mike Kranz, the Director of the AgCentre.

Anne Bertch, Anne Bustch, Mike Krakan, Anne Krak, Anne Loomis, Anne, Burt, Krak and Anne.

And Anne Lomis, who’s also an ag economist.

Anne, you’re here today with us to talk about a project that we’ve been working on at the Agricultural Marketing Center at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the university of Maryland.

And Anne, the ag economist, is Anne Burchill, the associate director of the ag economics department.

Anne Burchilla, you are the senior ag economist at the agriculture department, right?

And so, what are you doing?

How is it that you are working on this?

Anne, we are working with farmers to create a program that has a very clear connection with food.

So we are looking at ways that the ag industry can help farmers market their produce to their community, and we are also looking at the ways that ag markets can be designed to help farmers improve their yields.

And so you’ve been looking at these problems, right, so how do we solve these problems?

And this is the AgHub.

And we have the Aghub, and that is where the farmers market, the farmers fair, that’s the farmers marketplace.

And the ag market is an initiative that we have put together to support farmers across the country.

So the ag markets is a place where farmers can sell their crops to each other, sell to retailers, sell in grocery stores.

So the ag hub is really an ag market.

We are really trying to provide a place for farmers to do this.

And that is a good way for farmers, right.

So if you have an idea for a program, let’s see if we can connect with the farmers to try and help them sell to each another.

And how are you finding this farmer market?

How are you identifying who to reach, what is the farmer that they want to talk to, what’s the farmer’s message, and how do you help them get in touch with you?

And the agmarket, you’ve got to be aware of a lot of these farmers, because they are really interested in you and they are a really good source of information.

And so we are going to be connecting farmers with farmers that they know, so they can get in contact with the farm, and they can talk to you and get more information about what they’re going to do.

So what are the challenges that you’re facing right now?

How many farmers are there on the farms in the United States right now, right now in this market?

And how many farms are on the market?

Anne: There are more than 100 farms in Maryland right now.

So that’s over 30 percent of the farms that are available.

And you have to be very specific.

So you have got to tell the farmers, you know, “Hey, this farmer has a really cool crop that is really interesting.

So this farmer wants to sell to me.

And I would like to be able to help him sell his crop to you.”

And so that is something that we are trying to find.

And then we will also be doing a farmer market.

So farmers can come to the farmers markets, and then the farmers can walk in and sell their farm products.

And you’re talking about some pretty unique things, right here, right there.

And these farmers are very excited about this program.

And this is a very cool thing to do with farmers.

So they are coming in and they’re just getting a glimpse of what this program is.

And they’re really excited about it.

And this project is really really, really cool.

It’s a big win.

This is a huge win for us and it’s a really big win for farmers.

Anne: Yeah.

We’ve got a number.

This program is a really huge win.

We got about 30 to 40,000 farmers on the program.

So it’s very successful, very important. And, of

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