How to advertise for agri-tech products to save farmers

The best agriculture advertisement is a marketing strategy that makes farmers feel good, says a new report.

Agriculture’s advertising dollars are falling and the industry needs to create new opportunities for advertisers, says the report by the marketing consultancy A.T. Kearney.

The report found that the advertising dollars spent on advertising on agri technology were down by 5% over the past five years, to $2.3 billion in the third quarter of 2019.

This is an 8% decrease compared to the same period last year.

The company also found that agri tech advertising is losing money.

This comes as companies look to capitalize on the growing popularity of agri products.

A year ago, the industry spent $6.4 billion on advertising, and $3.4 was spent on agribusiness advertising.

The report predicts that agribuses spending will fall by 20% by 2019, or by $4.3bn.

Agri-technology companies have been using agribustrations to attract consumers to their products and services.

They also have a history of paying for ads in a way that will get them exposure.

The same ad is also used by companies to get their products into schools and other areas that require educational content.

The new report predicts agri product companies will spend $3 billion on agr technology in 2019.

The best agri advertising practices are simple and effective, says Kearney, who is also a founding partner at the marketing firm Tully Associates.

He said he believes the industry will take a step back and see if it can innovate its advertising practices to attract and retain consumers.

The biggest risk is not the advertising companies, but the farmers, he says.

He also believes the agricultural advertising industry needs better training to help farmers improve their communication and marketing strategies.

The industry needs the right marketing campaigns, and the best marketing campaigns help farmers to grow their business, Kearney says.


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