How to use an old photo of a farm to sell you vintage agricultural advertising

The 1950s agricultural advertisements that were featured in many of the ads below were produced by the agricultural advertising agency W.S. Farm Bureau.

In the 1950s, W. S. Farm Bureaus ads featured images of farmers, many of them farmers themselves.

One of the W.N.F. ads for corn was featured below, showing a cornfield that was once an apple orchard.

A farmer can be seen standing at a field with a tractor, looking down at the apples that were once on his property. 

As the WFBA advert shows, the farmer had a farm.

As you can see, the image of the apple orchards has been replaced with a farmhouse. 

The ad was used to sell a new kind of agricultural advertising in the 1950’s, and it still is.

Today, farm ads can be used to promote any number of products, from food to construction materials to toys. 

In this post, I will go over a few of the ad ideas that you might have found interesting, but I’ll also offer some tips for creating your own. 


Get a Farmhouse  In the 1950 the Farm Bureau used a series of photos of farmers in their barns, and the ad below shows the farmhouse that was featured. 

It’s one of many farmhouses that were part of the campaign.

This particular farmhouse had been used to make the ads for the brand. 

You can also see a farm with a “pigpen” sign, and a farm tractor, and some other farm equipment.

The Farm Bureau has been making farm ads for a number of years, and I hope that you’ll find them helpful. 


Use the image to make a point The Farm Bureau uses the image above to make an argument.

It says, “Farmers love the smell of apple trees.

You love the fresh smell of apples.

Farmers love apple trees, farmers love apples.” 

In many instances, this is a good way to show how different types of farm ads have different purposes. 


Get an apple farm to advertise The farm can also use the image below to make it clear that it is advertising apples to farmers.

It has an apple tree in the foreground and an apple on the far left. 

When you read the ad, it shows you what the farmer has to say.

You can read the full ad below. 


Get some apples to advertise with In the ad above, the farmers in the barn have apples and some farm equipment in their yard.

They can use this image to sell the farm to the public. 


Use an apple to make your farm more visible There are a number ways that you can use the images above to promote your farm, and one of the most effective is by using them to make apple trees appear more prominent.

This image of an apple can be a great way to advertise a barn, a garden, or a garden plot.

A barn with a tree on top can also be used as a good advertisement.

If you have a lot of apples, this can be an effective way to make them more visible. 


Use a barn as a billboard If your farm advertises in the newspaper, you may have found it helpful to have a billboard near your farm.

If you use this ad, you can have the billboard read, “Agriculture ad: Here is your barn, where you can sell apples to other farm owners.” 

The farmer could then advertise on the billboard with the words, “Here’s your barn with apple trees!” 


Make an apple garden visible by having it grow A farm that is on a big lot or in a large field can be great for growing apple trees and other crops.

 You don’t need a large lot or a big field to have apple trees on your property, though.

The images below show apple trees that are growing on the farm, with apple leaves and leaves that are floating in the air.


Use old farm signs to make new apple advertising One of the more popular ways to use old farm advertisements is to make apples appear more visible in a new way. 


Create an apple billboard It is possible to make images on old farm signage to make advertising apples appear on the property.

This is a great place to put a barn or garden.

I’ve included an old sign that I made on the edge of my backyard.

It has apple trees in the background and a barn on the front.

The image below shows how to make that sign appear in this new way: 1) Use a black background. 

This means that the image will only be visible if the image is on black background, not white background.

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