How to tell the difference between an old football and a new one

The NFL announced a new rule Monday that bans all advertisements for products or services that have been in use for less than five years.

The league also announced that its NFL PR team is conducting a review of all NFL games.

The NFL announced the new rule as part of its 2017-18 ad campaign to help make its brand more recognizable and more widely available to consumers.

The campaign, which is aimed at Millennials, has been aimed at youth and African-Americans for the past few years.

It will not affect football-related products such as the NFL’s NFL Jerseys or any of the NFL apparel that is sold at NFL games in North America.

The rule, which applies to any merchandise sold during the game, also applies to merchandise sold on, including the NFLShop app.

It will also not apply to the league’s own game day apparel and will only apply to those merchandise that is marked as “NFL Originals.”

The NFL says the rule is part of an effort to better communicate to younger audiences the value of a great NFL product.

The rules aim to make it easier for younger generations to understand the value and impact of the product and how they can get more out of it.

The rules are a departure from the league-wide ban on all merchandise with the word “NFL” on the front.

It’s the second time the NFL has taken steps to enforce its ban on advertising for its products.

In 2016, the league announced that it was banning all advertisements of its products and services, which had been in place for five years or more.


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