What the farmers are saying about agriculture ads

AUSTRALIA’S farmers are upset with a growing number of adverts for agricultural products being targeted at them, with a number of organisations and organisations also expressing their concerns.

In the latest ad campaign, Australian farmers are facing an onslaught of ads from supermarkets, supermarket chains and other big food companies, which they say are not paying attention to the industry.

The advertisements feature farmers in their fields, talking about the importance of the crop and farmers in the process of raising the crop.

“We have the most important crops in the world and yet there are farmers and they’re constantly targeted by commercialised marketing,” says Mark Kewell, from the Australian Cattle Industry Council.

“They’re seeing all this advertising on billboards and they think ‘how can I be part of this?'”

The Cattle Council is the largest animal welfare organisation in Australia.

It’s also one of the groups that has been the biggest critic of the Government’s ad campaign.

“It’s completely disappointing that this has been happening,” said Mr Kewll.

“The message is that they know that the crop is important and that’s why they’re selling it.”

And yet we see farmers being targeted by the advertising, and they feel they have no voice in the matter.

“There is an incredible amount of advertising in the Australian landscape and that advertising is going to impact on the lives of millions of people.”

Mr Kewill says farmers feel that it’s a waste of money and a waste that they’re not being heard.

“A lot of farmers have told us that it is a waste to buy from the supermarkets,” he said.

“You can’t buy food at the supermarket because you’re not going to get a good quality product.”

The Government has been working on a new campaign that is aimed at farmers and farmers are now questioning why the Government is spending so much money on this particular campaign.

The Government’s advertising campaign has been labelled a “dud” by the Australian Farmers Federation, which is one of many organisations that has expressed concerns.

“What we’re seeing is a massive advertising campaign in the form of billboards, TV spots and TV ads,” said Dr Amy Johnson, from AFAF.

“Some of those billboards have even been put up in places that aren’t the best locations for the billboards to go on the farm.”

So the message is clear, farmers are not being listened to.

“Dr Johnson says farmers are often targeted by advertisements because they have the lowest wages and they are often paid less than the average Australian worker.”

Agricultural production is about earning a living and you want to earn a living that’s going to help your family and you don’t want to have to rely on a job to do that,” she said.

Farmers are not happy about what they are seeing in advertisements, which include an image of a cow, a farm animal and a sheep in a row, in one ad.”

That’s not just a bad message but it’s also misleading to people,” Mr Kell said.

Mr Kowell says farmers should be the ones to decide whether or not they want to be part a campaign.

He says it’s not the Government, but the commercialisation industry that has to change.”

I think the commercialised advertising industry needs to change because it’s just not right to have farmers being told they have to buy something from the supermarket when they’re really not,” he says.”

If farmers don’t buy the product they’re going to be treated worse by the industry than if they buy the supermarket product.

“But it’s the farmers who are the ones who have to make that decision and that decision needs to be based on what the community wants.”

“And if the community doesn’t want it, they need to change it.”

What the farmers say:The Australian Crop Improvement Association says the Australian Government’s agricultural advertising campaign is a “disgrace”.

“We’ve seen campaigns like this in the past that have been targeted to the highest bidder and that shows how little they care about the farmers they’re trying to help,” said CEO and president Chris McBride.

The Crop Industry Association says it is working with the Government on a strategy to improve its commercialisation strategy and has asked it to consider the commercialization of the message.”

They’ve got a message that’s really misleading to consumers, that farmers are paying more than other Australians and the message doesn’t reflect the reality.”

The Crop Industry Association says it is working with the Government on a strategy to improve its commercialisation strategy and has asked it to consider the commercialization of the message.

The CFA says it will continue to work with the Australian Parliament to make sure that farmers and other stakeholders are given a voice.


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