Why AgriBank Ads Will Be Bigger Than You Think

Agri Bank, the world’s largest bank for agriculture, announced today that it will start a new campaign for farmers to advertise their crops online.

The company, which is owned by the Saudi government, is partnering with food and beverage giant PepsiCo, which has launched a campaign on its website and Facebook page, aiming to increase awareness of the crop.

The new campaign, which will begin next month, is called #EatFoodNow.

“We’re very excited about this campaign,” Agri chief marketing officer Tom Lopes told EW.

“It’s about getting farmers to understand that food is important to their well-being and that they can have a sustainable and rewarding farming lifestyle.”

In addition to the PepsiCo campaign, Agri will also launch its own ad campaign on Facebook, which uses the hashtag #EatForGood to share the benefits of organic farming, Lopes said.

“This is a huge opportunity for us,” Lopes added.

“This is about farmers in Saudi Arabia, and it’s a big opportunity for the country as a whole.

We are committed to the success of the farmers and to supporting them and promoting the agriculture industry.”

The hashtag is one of many social media campaigns launched today in response to the global drought that has left more than 1 million farmers in the country without food for their families.

The drought has made it hard for farmers and their families to buy supplies to sustain themselves, while the food crisis has forced them to sell more and more of their produce.


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