A New Way of Looking at Agriculture – By Nick Zylstra

Nick Zylonstra: Nick Zilerstra, a senior journalist at MTV News and a member of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Food & Culture team, is one of the producers of the upcoming documentary film, Farming: The World That Matters.

The film follows the life of one man who grew up on an Australian farm and is now a passionate advocate for the sustainable, local farming sector.

It is set to premiere in the UK and is a collaboration between the BBC and The Culinary Society of America, a non-profit organisation that aims to educate and empower farmers.

The Culstens mission is to encourage and support farmers and ranchers to cultivate a sustainable and environmentally friendly food system that will support our food security.

The documentary will also be available in a digital format and through other online and mobile apps in the coming weeks.

Nick Zilers father, Tom, is also a producer on the film.

Nick told us about the story behind the film, why he is so passionate about farming and how he and his family have grown up on a small, local, family farm.

The Culinary Magazine: It’s a big film.

What did you want to capture?

Nick Zolin: We were really keen to bring people to the farms, to the farmers, the people who were there to get their hands dirty.

We were not trying to capture the glamorous aspect of the farms but we wanted to bring out the people and show them a glimpse of the people, the community.

We really wanted to show the beauty of these farms and the passion of the farmers.

MG: Why did you choose to make the documentary?

Nick: It was really important to me to get the story out there and share the story of the farm.

I feel very passionate about it and have worked as a journalist for a number of years and I just wanted to do something that I felt was very important to people.

JM: You worked with the Culinary society for a few years.

What’s it like working with them?

Nick P: It feels great.

The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

I get to work with the farmers and the people that are involved in the farms and in the industry.

It’s fantastic to work on a film like this.

MG: You’re a big advocate for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

What do you think is missing from farming in the world today?

NickZ: The most important thing that farmers have to realise is that they can’t afford to make a bad product, they can only afford to use it properly.

They have to be really aware of their surroundings.

MG [Vineyard]: So how has it been getting this far?

Nick: It has been amazing.

The first few days have been amazing, it’s been a very good challenge for me.

I’ve been getting to know people.

I’m also getting to meet farmers and I’m getting to talk to them, to know them, what they’re doing.

I love working with the people.

MG[Vineyards]: How has it felt to be involved with a film?

NickP: It is a bit of a strange feeling to be a part of something that’s so important to so many people.

But I am incredibly proud of the film and I am really excited about what it has to offer and the message that it will bring.

MG:[Vinebacks]: How did you get the idea to make it?

Nick[Vines]: We were just thinking about all the things we have seen, and all the problems we have faced, and what we’ve done to solve those problems.

MG:- And you wanted to talk about sustainability?

Nick : I think there is so much that we could do better and we could have a lot more people involved.

MG : What would you like to see change?

Nick [Vines): If you could go back in time and change anything that you would do, you would have made this film a little earlier, you might have done a little bit better with the time you have had to film.

MG and Nick Zilianas interview in the Culsterns’ home of the Crockery in North Sydney, Australia, on November 9, 2019.

Nick is a producer for MTV News.

Nick’s father Tom, who was a farmer, is a presenter and writer on The Culstantons show.

He also edited the Culstanton show.

MGZ: We are not sure how you feel about the idea of a farm.

How do you feel when you hear about the food industry?

Nick [Zilianas]: I’m happy that I do have an interest in the food world and what is going on in it.

MG Ziliana: How do people get into farming?

Nick Zilian: I think the people are more interested in the things that they want to do. MG


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