How much does a $5 burger cost in India?

The average Indian burger is around $5, but the average price in India is around 40% higher than in the US, according to a new study.

According to the report, which was conducted by the food and beverage company, Frito-Lay, a whopping $6 billion of food and drink in India has been sold in the past 12 months.

While the average burger price is just shy of $6, the price in the country is a whopping 44% higher.

“In terms of total food and beverages sold in India, the average is around 4.5 trillion rupees ($8.27 billion),” Frito Lay India’s CEO, Shruti Chaturvedi, told ET.

Chaturvedis report comes after a series of food safety scares in the UK.

In February, a group of children and teenagers at a primary school in Nottingham were allegedly poisoned with food poisoning and it later emerged that the food had been laced with an unknown pesticide.

The food was bought by a family that worked at the school.

The family were arrested and charged with murder.

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