When the next big thing in agricultural advertising is on TV…

This week, the Australian Government has announced it will be rolling out an advertising campaign on television that will give farmers a platform to communicate their message.

The Australian Farm and Livestock Council has welcomed the announcement, which it says will help grow the sector’s brand and provide more Australians with information.

The ad will be broadcast on ABC2, the ABC News Breakfast and in a variety of media.

“It’s good to see that the Government is listening to the community, recognising the need for the sector to have a more positive and positive approach to promoting its products,” said the association’s chief executive, John Macpherson.

The ads will be funded by the Government, which has previously allocated about $100 million a year for advertising in the sector.

The ABC said the ads would be targeted at a range of audiences, including farmers, students and older adults.

“This ad will help showcase the importance of the agricultural industry and its products to our society and be able to connect with consumers to encourage them to shop around,” the ABC said.

The campaign will be seen by an average of 4.7 million people a week, according to the ABC.

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