How to tell the difference between the 1950s advertising campaigns and today’s food advertising

The 1970s, especially, was a time when people were starving.

As such, many companies began to use food imagery to sell their products, which would allow them to sell better.

As the image on the left shows, it was the food industry’s first food advertisement.

In fact, this ad is the first to appear on the Billboard chart.

As for the food, the 1950’s ad depicted a person eating a hamburger, but in the 1950-1960’s the food ads featured a variety of foods, such as eggs and vegetables.

Nowadays, there are a number of food advertisements on the pop culture landscape.

For example, many of today’s celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna use the food imagery in their social media posts.

The 1950s ads were also a time of social activism.

This movement was called the “Black Power movement.”

In addition, this is the era when people started to talk about the negative effects of the war on drugs.

In the 1960s, the food ad also included a lot of food.

In 1950, this was a fairly typical ad, featuring a man sitting at a table with two cups of coffee, a bowl of cereal, and a plate of food with a couple of eggs in it.

In 1970, the ads featured people eating hamburgers and fruit and vegetables in the same manner.

Now, you can find a wide range of food ads on the Internet.

But the most popular ads in the 60s were not the ones featuring food, but the food products themselves.

Today, we see the ads for many of these products featured in magazines and commercials.

But there is still a lot more food imagery on the internet.

Here are a few of the most recognizable food products that were featured in the ads of the 1970s: Coke –  Coke featured a woman who is standing in front of a Coke bottle.

It was not a new design.

Coke used to feature a woman holding a Coke can in her hands.

But in the late 1950s, Coke decided to use a woman wearing a wig to represent the character “Coke Woman.”

In fact the women hair was changed to the wig, which was a trend in the 70s.

As a result, many people saw Coke Woman as a caricature. 

Pepsi – Pepsi introduced a new logo and redesigned the brand in 1976.

The new logo featured a girl who was wearing a skirt and a pair of white socks, while the Coca-Cola bottle was seen as a white one.

Pepsi was the first soda company to introduce this kind of advertising.

Today Pepsi has almost a million commercials featuring women wearing their hair in a variety types of hair styles.

Pepsi also began to introduce a new advertising campaign, the “Girl Power” campaign.

In it, women wore a variety colors of jewelry and outfits.

Coca-Coating – Coca-Colas first ads featured an advertising slogan, “Cleanse Your Body.”

Coca-colas advertising slogan was, “Our Body is Our Body is Coke.”

In the 70’s, the company decided to remove this slogan, which is what they were using for advertising.

Now Coca- Colas slogan is “The Body is Everything.”

Pepsi – In the 1970’s, Pepsi introduced the “Pepsi-Cola Color” to symbolize the new energy it was trying to promote.

In one Pepsi advertisement, a woman in a white dress is seen holding a Pepsi bottle in her hand, while she is eating a Pepsi.

The slogan was “The Color is Everything!”

Coke – Coke introduced a Pepsi-Cola Sprite in 1974, which featured the slogan “Be Good.”

This is the Pepsi-Coke brand now.

In this commercial, the character of the woman is the Sprite.

In today’s Pepsi ads, the woman’s name is a little girl and she is shown holding a Sprite bottle.

Pepsi, now known as PepsiCo, also introduced the new “Be Green” campaign in 1978.

In a similar fashion, the slogan was changed.

Now it is the slogan, Be Good. 

Coca-Cereals  – CocaCola began to incorporate more colorful advertising campaigns in the 1970�s.

Coca Colas advertising campaign for “Green Energy” was a popular one, featuring the character and his/her green energy powers.

CocaCola also introduced its first “Coca-Cola Power” advertisement in 1977.

In its ad, the heroine is a young girl with a Coke-Cola cap on her head and a Coke drink in her mouth.

The girl is shown running through a green field and then a Coke machine is shown.

The message was: “Get green.

That’s the Coke power.” 

PepsiCo  – PepsiCo launched its first Coca- Coke advertising campaign in 1977, which depicts the character, “Pepper.”

In this ad, Pepper is shown drinking a Coke and eating a piece of cake.

The image of Pepper on the Coke bottle shows him eating a whole piece of the cake. This

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