‘We’ve all got to go’: Farmers are ‘worried’ about future farming jobs

The industry is facing a “worrisome” economic climate with a potential increase in farm workers’ workloads and wages being slashed, a survey of more than 2,000 Australian farmers has found.

Auckland-based Agri-Food Australia commissioned the survey of about 100 farming workers, who described the state of their farming industry as “worrying”.

“We have to recognise there is an increasing number of people who are facing financial hardship and the loss of their livelihoods and we have to work with them to find a solution to make sure they can get on with it,” the CEO of Agri Foods Australia, Greg Stacey, said.

“There is a lot of uncertainty around what is happening with our industry and what is going to happen with the economy.”

I’m sure it is going through a lot in the next couple of years, and we’ll be seeing a lot more people in the future who will have been in the industry for quite a while.

“The survey of farmers across the country was conducted by the farmworker research group Agri Trends and published on Wednesday.

Agri Trends is a trade association of Australia’s farmworkers, including farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, and meatpackers.

Its chairman, Steve Kravetz, said the results of the survey revealed “a very clear and very alarming” picture of the challenges facing farm workers.”

Farmers are also worried about the future of farming in New South Wales and Victoria, the report said.”

We need to find solutions.”

Farmers are also worried about the future of farming in New South Wales and Victoria, the report said.

The survey found that almost half of farmers surveyed were concerned that “some sort of a culling plan” was being developed for the agriculture industry, with almost half saying they were “very worried”.

“There’s an ongoing discussion in Australia as to what sort of changes could be put in place, and there’s a lot that’s happening in terms of the agricultural industry,” Mr Stacey said.”[The survey] shows that there’s concern and there are a lot who are really worried.”

Agri-Facts Australia commissioned a separate survey of the industry’s Australian branch.

“AgriFacts asked farmers to tell us how much they were paying, how much it cost to produce, and what the impact of that has been on them,” Mr Veenstra said.

“And of course we’ve all paid our fair share.”

We can all agree to pay less, but how much?

Well, in some cases it’s just not worth it.

“Mr Veenraesse said the survey was “very useful” because it highlighted the economic realities of the Australian agricultural industry.”

It’s a very tough time for people who have had to get on the job market,” he said.

Agricultural Bank Australia’s chief executive, Michael Mardis, said many farmers felt that they had been “wiped out” and that “no one was doing their part” to protect them.”

People are not paying their fair share of tax and they’re not getting on the farm, so people are feeling really vulnerable and vulnerable to some sort of cull,” Mr Mardes said.

Mr Mardaisse said farmers needed to “fight back” by holding on to their land and “not giving up”.”

I think [farmers] need to have faith in the system,” he told the ABC.”

You need to know that you’re still entitled to your land, you’re not entitled to go out and get a job.

“Mr Mardi said the industry would continue to work on developing a “better system” to ensure that farmers’ financial wellbeing was protected.”

What we’re trying to do is give some reassurance to the farmers, so that they know that they are not in trouble financially, but that there are ways they can work to protect themselves,” he added.

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