How much does the federal government spend on advertising in Canada?

The federal government spends about $3.2 billion a year on advertising across the country.

This money comes from a number of sources, including government grants and advertising budgets.

The money goes into a variety of things including advertising agencies, advertising agencies that run television, radio, online and print ads.

The federal and provincial governments also spend millions of dollars a year in direct advertising, including online ads.

And a lot of other companies and organizations in the Canadian economy also use advertising.

But the amount of money a government spends on advertising varies by the province and territory where the advertising is done.

The total amount of advertising spending in Canada is $3,955 billion, according to the federal Statistics Canada database.

But this figure is just one indicator of how much money is spent by the federal and federal-provincial governments on advertising.

The figures are a reflection of the overall amount of funding the federal, provincial and territorial governments receive each year from Ottawa.

For example, in the 2016 budget, the federal governments allocated about $2.4 billion in advertising, or $3 billion a day.

It’s important to note that the federal departments that are responsible for advertising in Canadian markets do not always get all of their advertising dollars from advertising in other countries.

For instance, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade spends almost half of its advertising dollars on advertising, according the database.

Another department, the department of international trade, is responsible for about 10 per cent of advertising in the country, the database said.

Some departments are doing well with the advertising, while others are struggling.

The department of foreign affairs spends about 70 per cent in advertising in its home country of Canada, according data compiled by The Canadian Press from the Canadian Association of Public Administrators.

For the provinces and territories, the statistics are slightly different.

Alberta spent about $6 billion on advertising last year, while Saskatchewan spent about a third of its budget on advertising on the national level.

But in Ontario, where Alberta is located, the amount spent on advertising was only $2 million, the data shows.

But some provinces are doing much better with their advertising efforts than others.

For every dollar spent by Ontario on advertising over the last year in advertising dollars, there were $1.7 in spending by the provinces of British Columbia and New Brunswick, according Tobermory said.

While the statistics on advertising spending from the federal department of finance are based on spending by all federal departments, they are also available for individual departments in the database, he said.

In Alberta, the ministry of finance spends about three per cent on advertising each year.

In New Brunswick it is about three and a half per cent.

And in B.C., the spending is only about one per cent, the figures show.

In Ontario, the spending on advertising is about one and a quarter per cent each year, according Statistics Canada data.

The government of Quebec, which is the largest province in Canada, spends less than one per per cent per year on ad spending.

The province spends about one third of federal advertising money on advertising and spends more than half on direct advertising.

Quebecers also spend more than the rest of Canada on direct and indirect advertising.

In 2017, direct advertising spent $8.5 billion in the province, according TOBERMORY.

Direct advertising spent about half of federal government advertising in Quebec.

The other half went to the provincial governments, which received about $1 billion each year for direct advertising in 2017.

In Quebec, direct and direct advertising costs the province about $7 billion.

The amount spent by Quebecers on direct ads is also significantly lower than the provincial budgets spent by other provinces.

The direct spending from Quebec is more than double that of the provincial spending on direct, according The Canadian Post.

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