The Agribusiness Advertising Canada’s New Game Is to Buy Ads on Facebook

AgribUS, the agricultural marketing group of the agricultural industry, has created a new way to advertise its products: online.

AgribUS is a non-profit group that helps farmers promote and sell their products on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

In a move to promote the group’s brands on Facebook, AgribUs posted ads in the company’s online community for products that it sells, and also in its real-time chat room for farmers who have questions.

In the first week, the group posted nearly 40 ads for products in the Agribiusum and Farm to Home sections of Facebook, with more coming soon.

AgibUS is part of the Agri-Business Coalition, an industry group of more than 500 major agribusymakers, including the agribush group of companies like Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Chemical.

The AgriBusiness Coalition has said it is not trying to control Facebook’s business.

But the group has made a push to grow its presence on Facebook by purchasing ads in its community, including for products on Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

In the first quarter of this year, Agri Business Coalition spent about $3 million on ads in Agribusesum and the Farm to Homers sections of the social networking site.

In an interview with The New York Times, AgibUS president, Michael Wessel, said that its new advertising strategy would be to buy ads on Facebook on behalf of its products.

He said the group will begin by buying ads for farmers in the agri-business communities.

“The Agri business community is a strong one,” Wessel said.

“But we need to take advantage of the platforms that have the greatest reach.”

Wessel said the focus of the group is to help farmers market their products to consumers.

“We are not here to control people,” he said.

Agriburs has said that farmers can use Facebook for the same purpose, but it has not stated whether it will also offer farmers the same opportunity.

AgriBusiness is part-owned by DuPont.

DuPont has said in a blog post that it has “no control” over Facebook’s ad network and that it would not share data with Agribuss.

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