Farmers want federal help to save Iowa farm jobs

Farmers want the Department of Agriculture to give them more help in protecting the jobs of more than 1,500 agricultural workers in Iowa, a new report shows.

Farmers are concerned that the new federal crop insurance program is hurting their bottom lines.

The report, released by the American Farm Bureau Federation, comes amid a nationwide drought, as farmers are struggling to meet federal requirements.

The program is supposed to cover the cost of crop insurance, but it has faced delays and financial setbacks.

The administration has been working to address the delays.

In Iowa, there are more than 700 farm jobs.

The report said there are nearly 1,000 vacant jobs and that more than a dozen of those farm jobs are located in the Des Moines area.

The Des Moines Register recently reported that nearly $7 million in farm subsidies have been transferred from Iowa to other states.

The Agriculture Department, which administers the insurance program, has acknowledged that some workers in its field offices are not covered by the program.

The agency has been asking farmers to share their information to better understand the number of jobs in Iowa.

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