How to sell a beer on a beer garden

The best way to advertise on a farm is to put a farm up on a big screen.

And the more people who see it, the more it will be seen by the farmer.

The Farm Bureau and the Brewers Association announced the new ad campaign Wednesday.

It features a farmer’s daughter and a local farmer with a beer.

It is a little different from previous ads, which often featured a man and his wife in a restaurant.

The ads will run through September, and will be available on Farm Bureau’s website and Farm Bureau TV.

The Farm Bureau said the goal is to raise awareness about the farm-to-table food movement and to encourage people to visit.

Farmers are often overlooked when it comes to marketing beer on farms, according to Chris Noll, a senior adviser for the Farm Bureau.

But in the United States, it’s estimated that more than half of all beer sold on farms is sold in grocery stores, restaurants and bars.

According to the Brewers, the Farm Bureaus goal is not just to show that farmers are active, but also to get them to sell more beer.

“The ads will help the farmers in the farm community, and they’ll have a strong connection to their customers,” said Mike Tompkins, senior vice president for advertising and marketing at the Brewers.

“We’ve seen that the farm industry has been growing and growing, and that this is the next wave of growth.”

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