‘Funny but misleading’: A look at ‘farmers’ ads for ‘cannabis’

Agriculture advertising is a hot topic in Australia these days, and it seems to be receiving a fair amount of criticism.

But it’s actually a fairly common topic, especially among farmers.

So let’s take a look at a few of the most controversial, and misleading, agricultural advertising campaigns from the 1950s.


The Farmer’s Almanac, 1958 In 1958, the Agricultural Advertising Council (ABC) ran a campaign called “Farmers Almanac”.

It was an attempt to market farmers’ products.

A farmer’s newsletter was a great way to attract business to the farmer’s farm.

The campaign claimed that the products included “medicinal and medicinal” products, such as “cannabutter”, “pumpkin seeds”, “honey and honeycomb”, “salt water”, “doughnuts”, “chocolate and cocoa products”, “biscuits”, and “bread”.

The ad also claimed that a “farmers market” would open up in the “first weeks of October”.

The campaign was based on a real-life agricultural market in the US, where the sale of medicinal products to the public was legal.

The farmers market was a very popular selling point in Australia in the 1960s and 70s.

Farmers sold the products on to local communities and local businesses.

A number of Australian states introduced medicinal sales to their local markets, including the Northern Territory and Victoria.


Farmers’ Almanac 1957, “Farmer’s Almo” advertisement The “Farm” and “Agriculture” sections of the “Farm Almanac” advertisement were designed to promote the idea of “cannabinoid farming” in Australia.

In the “Agers” section, the ad claimed that cannabis was a “miracle plant” that would “allow farmers to produce a better crop and increase their income”.

It said that a high percentage of cannabis farmers were self-employed and self-sufficient, and that “there is no limit on the number of acres that can be cultivated per year”.

The advertisement went on to say that cannabis farming was “very beneficial” to society, because cannabis is “not an intoxicant”.

The advert also claimed, “Cannabis is the only natural medicine that is safe for you and your family”.

The “Agicult” section of the advertisement claimed that “canna is the best source of fiber, vitamins and minerals for your farm”.

The advertisements also said that cannabis had “unlimited medicinal and medicinal properties”.

Farmers were encouraged to grow their own cannabis, and to plant their own trees, as they would be able to grow more of their own plants.

In order to be considered an agricultural producer, you had to grow a certain amount of cannabis and to use the “meds” in your cannabis.

Farmers were also encouraged to cultivate certain crops, such for “fruit trees”.

The section of “Agents” stated that a farmer could earn a maximum of $150 for a month of cannabis cultivation, which was a lot of money in those days.

Farmers also could buy cannabis from the “factory” for $40 each.

The advertisement concluded with the following: “If you are growing a cannabis crop in Australia, don’t worry.

All the cannabis will be sold in Australia to the general public.”

The advertisement ended with the words: “CANNABUTISTS ARE SAFE.

They are not harmful to you or your family.

They do not have any of the side effects of alcohol, tobacco or cannabis.

They don’t contain any toxins, and are not addictive.”


“The Farm”, 1961 The “The Farmer’s Book” ad campaign for cannabis was based around the “The Harvest” episode of “The Simpsons”.

The commercial featured the Farmer’s Association and a group of farmers selling “grow-your-own” cannabis.

The “Grow Your Own” section said that growers would be rewarded for their work by being rewarded for “their hard work”.

The farmers were shown being given “dollars to sell to other farmers”.

The slogan was: “The best way to grow your own cannabis is to grow it yourself.

And, it is not for sale.

Grow-Your-Own Cannabis” The Farmers Association was a group formed in 1957 to encourage farmers to grow cannabis.

However, it was also seen as a means to encourage the use of cannabis by the state.


“Canna on a Plane”, 1959 The “Cannabinoid” section for “Cannonball” featured an advert for the product in the movie.

The commercial was produced by “Frys”.

It featured an Australian farmer who had a “canned” cannabis concentrate in his freezer.

He was told by a woman on the phone that it was “the only cannabis concentrate” on the market.

The advert showed the farmer as he was selling the product to the woman. The


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