‘I think I’d be happier with the original version’: I’d rather have the original ‘I’ll be your doctor’

The original version of ‘I’m a doctor’ from 1949 had a lot of fun with the idea of a medical doctor.

The advertisement was meant to be a joke but the original did it in a way that made it a bit more serious.

And it made a lot more sense to have the character say something like that. 

The original version had a few more words and the adverts ending with a big “I think” was meant as a bit of a jab at the “new” doctors in the United States and to make them feel like they were the real deal.

We had a great ad campaign in 1949 for a new version of the movie.

So we made the ad version that is the movie, and we did the original.

It wasn’t as good as the original, but we didn’t mind because it was a little more serious and had a bit less swearing.

It’s not a big deal to change the ending, and I think it was just the right thing to do.

The original, of course, was just a fun, funny joke, but it was also about a very specific and important topic that is still talked about today.

In the 1980s, the debate about gender roles and gender equality was a hot topic and people still talk about it to this day.

What does it mean to be “woman” today?

I think what we are seeing now is a very good reminder of what that original ad was really about.

It was really a big, bold, funny ad and we think it’s still a good example of a great, simple, and simple message that was really good at being about a big idea, a big moment in history.

I don’t think the original ad will ever get old, so we’re hoping to make it so the people who see it today will remember it as a great example of how a simple, but very effective, message could still be so powerful and so impactful.


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