The future of agricultural advertising is uncertain

It is not an accident that the Irish economy has been so heavily reliant on the agriculture sector since the industrial revolution.

It has been an important part of our economy since the earliest days of our country.

And yet, as the population grows, so does the demand for advertising and marketing to make the agricultural industry more attractive to consumers.

The agricultural industry is not without its problems, and as with any industry, there are those who believe it is in its best interests to take the most competitive path possible, to ensure it remains profitable.

This has been highlighted by the recent case of Cairn and the Cairns Farm Improvement Group (CFG), which was forced to shut down because of declining profits.

The CFG was accused of misleading farmers about their ability to raise a healthy crop, with claims that the crop would be a major competitor for their local market.

This is something that the CFG had to respond to.

They have since been able to restore some of the viability of the farm, but it remains unclear what will happen next.

We are still waiting for an answer from the CFM to the questions of the past, when the company was accused by farmers and the industry of being unfair, deceptive and deceptive practices.

And, we are not even sure what is going to happen to the other Cairndogs who are going to lose out to a new and cheaper competitor.

We have had to look at all the options, and the only option that seems to work is to close down and let others do it.

But this does not seem to be an option for Cairngans farmers who are struggling to pay their bills, as well as the thousands of people who depend on the industry.

This article was first published on The Irish News website on May 3, 2019.

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