The 1950s agricultural advertisements that sold us corn and soybeans

Corn is now the dominant grain crop on the American landscape, and it has been for decades.

Corn is the fastest-growing grain crop in the world, and corn has been on the front burner for a decade, with corn farmers trying to make the transition to sustainable farming.

This year, the corn industry spent $13.5 billion on advertising, and Corn Marketing and Communications spent $10.9 billion.

Corn was the second-biggest advertiser for the crop, behind soybeans, according to a study published in the journal Food Marketing & Science.

However, the industry is not just looking for a marketing push.

It is also seeking to gain market share.

A new report from the University of Michigan and the Corn Alliance, a trade association for corn farmers, found that advertising on corn was the third-bigger marketing campaign in the corn world in 2019, after the corn and peanut industries.

Corn, like soybeans and peanut, was the biggest advertising campaign in 2019 and ranked third-largest in 2020.

The report estimated that the Corn industry spent an estimated $1.7 billion in advertising on the crop between June 2019 and June 2020, up from an estimated average of $1 billion over the same period last year.

The study also found that farmers spent $6.5 million to $12.7 million in marketing in 2019 on corn.

Corn Advertising & Communications spent an additional $3.6 million to promote the crop on social media and other media.

Corn advertising was a big factor in the growth of the soybean industry, which grew in 2020 from an average of 7.2 million acres to an average 7.7.

The corn industry is also the largest advertiser of soybeans in the country.

The soybean crop grew from just over 4 million acres in 2019 to an estimated 6.2 billion acres in 2020, according the Corn Industry Marketing Alliance.

The Corn Alliance said that corn advertising has increased the overall size of the corn market, which in turn has helped boost corn prices.

“We have a very strong relationship with the Corn Marketing & Communications and our marketing partners, and I think that’s the case in 2020,” said John Bittner, president of the Corn and Soybean Alliance.

Bittners group spent $2.4 million in advertising last year on the crops.

He said that soybean marketing increased its presence in the marketplace as the industry looked to grow its business.

“The Soybean industry was really just a catalyst for this growth,” he said.

Soybeans have been on top of the marketing food pyramid in terms of growing the corn crop, and the industry’s focus on advertising has allowed the industry to grow.

Soybean farmers are able to grow the crop without using pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Bitter, sweet and savory soybeans are used in the production of processed food, beverages, and other products.

Soy is the most commonly grown crop in Canada, and there are now more than 30 million acres of soy in the U.S. The growing popularity of soy has resulted in an increase in corn prices, which has boosted the crop’s value, Bitters group said.

The price of corn has also increased over the last few years.

The current corn price is $1 per bushel, which is nearly 20 cents more than in 2020 and has more than doubled from $2 per bushell in 2014, according


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