Why you shouldn’t be buying fertilizer that’s labeled “green”

A fertilizer labeled “organic” or “natural” can be made of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides that can pollute waterways, pollute the air and harm wildlife.

That’s according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has compiled an exhaustive database of chemicals that are used in fertilizers.

According to the organization, some of the chemicals listed on the labels of some fertilizer can have serious environmental and health effects.

The NRDC has also found that some fertilizers are made of “chemical additives” that are sometimes linked to health problems.

The organization recommends that people avoid buying fertilizers labeled “natural.”

Natural fertilizers can have harmful health effects When it comes to fertilizers, the NRDC says, there’s a clear hierarchy of toxicity.

In general, the more toxic the chemicals, the less likely it is to work for humans.

But when it comes time to buy fertilizers made with chemicals like potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate or potassium phosphate, it’s worth taking into consideration the impact that chemicals have on the environment.

“These fertilizers contain chemicals that affect soil and plants in ways that are quite significant,” said Lori Hagerty, director of NRDC’s Water Quality program.

“They can affect soil health, and they can pollutate the environment.”

According to NRDC, potassium nitrates, ammoni-nitrates and potassium phosphate are among the most common fertilizers used in the United States.

The chemical companies that produce them are known as “organic.”

Some fertilizers also contain pesticides that are listed on their labels as “natural,” but are actually used to kill plants and insects.

For example, potassium phosphate fertilizers that are sold under the brand name Triticum thaliana have been linked to adverse effects on the soil and pollute groundwater.

“There are no guarantees that a product made with this kind of fertilizer will actually be used to grow plants and that it will be safe,” said Hagery.

“But there are a lot of companies out there making products that are made to kill things.”

According the NRD, “organic fertilizers may have other adverse effects, too.”

For example in a report published in February by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), the NRCC found that “organic fertilizer contains at least one chemical known to cause cancer.”

The chemical was potassium phosphate and is used to treat plant diseases.

The report noted that the chemical also affects fish and amphibians, and is known to damage their nervous systems.

Hagerys report also included information about several products that were labeled “fertilizers” but that contained chemicals like ammonium phosphate and potassium nitrite that were toxic to aquatic life.

The EPA does not have any specific guidance on how fertilizers should be labeled, but it does have guidance on “design and labeling” of chemicals.

In addition to identifying the chemical’s impact on the water, soil and ecosystem, the agency recommends that companies disclose the type of chemical used in each batch and how it’s used.

For instance, according to NRCC, the labels for potassium nitrated and potassium-nitrite fertilizers state that the chemicals are used to “remove or eliminate dead organic matter and to maintain or improve soil structure, mineralization and organic matter.”

However, according the NRDF report, the EPA did not require manufacturers to provide information on how ammoniumnitrate and potassium chloride are used or how they interact with each other.

For some fertilizer companies, however, there is no specific guidance about how fertilizer chemicals are labeled.

“Many companies don’t even have any guidelines on what they should and shouldn’t use on their fertilizers,” said Danielle Schreiber, executive director of the Environmental Working Group.

“And the EPA doesn’t have an enforcement mechanism to enforce it.”

A fertiliser label that states that potassium nitration is used only to kill insects.

A fertilization label that also states that ammonium chloride is used in soil to improve soil and water quality.

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