The pesticides that are killing farmers

The pesticides and herbicides used to kill the world’s crop species are poisoning farmers around the world, and they’re costing American taxpayers a fortune, according to a report from a watchdog group.

The report, titled Pesticides and Herbicides: The Price of Failure, says it costs American taxpayers more than $2.7 trillion annually to fight the spread of the herbicides and pesticides that have become common on farms.

“Pesticides have been an increasingly important weapon for the pesticide industry and the pesticide companies,” said Jim Schmitz, executive director of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“The fact that they’re being used to eradicate entire species is really devastating for the farmers who rely on them.”

The report comes as the Trump administration and a host of congressional Republicans seek to undo President Barack Obama’s efforts to use a program that allows the Environmental Protection Agency to approve pesticide applications for farmers in some states.

The program has allowed millions of acres of crops to be sprayed with a wide variety of chemicals.

“The EPA has approved more than 5 billion pounds of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and other chemical products over the past 15 years,” Schmittsaid in a statement.

“More than half of those applications are to farmers in states where they’re currently not allowed to apply, and the EPA has rejected thousands of applications in which farmers say they were not told what was in the applications.”

The Environmental Protection Administration has approved nearly a billion pounds in the past decade of pesticide approvals, and it is expected to approve more than 7 billion pounds this year.””

This is not good for farmers, for the environment, for consumers, and for the country.”

The Environmental Protection Administration has approved nearly a billion pounds in the past decade of pesticide approvals, and it is expected to approve more than 7 billion pounds this year.

“We know that the herbicide industry is doing all they can to try to weaken the EPA’s ability to protect public health and the public’s safety,” said Schmitsaid.

“It’s up to us to demand that the EPA enforce its statutory mandate and take the necessary steps to protect the public from the spread.”

The EPA estimates the annual costs of applying the herbicidal and fungicide programs to crops range from $5 billion to $7 billion.

The report estimates that the cost of treating farmers could be as high as $18 billion.

Pesticide and herbicidal applications have become so common that farmers are increasingly relying on herbicide sprays to help control weeds and pests.

But the EPA says its program allows farmers to apply for the pesticides without actually having to buy them.”EPA’s herbicide application program allows the use of a range of chemical products without requiring a permit from the EPA,” the EPA said in a press release.

“Pesticiding products, including glyphosate, are widely used in agriculture and are typically not subject to any other regulatory oversight.”

The Natural Resources Defend, a non-profit group based in Maryland, said it has received more than 1.5 million complaints from farmers about the use and misuse of herbicide products in their fields.

The group is working to bring a class-action lawsuit against the EPA and the companies that provide the herb-spraying services.


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