What you need to know about agriculture ads in 2017

Posted January 24, 2018 12:18:10Agriculture advertising campaigns can make or break a company’s business model, and advertisers know that when it comes to marketing their products and services, there’s no better place to start than in the land of the free.

“There’s a whole lot of money being made in agriculture, and people are desperate to find it,” says Mark Stokes, founder of the Australian Advertising Bureau (AAA).

“You need to be able to stand out, because it’s a huge opportunity.”

While the industry’s share of the global advertising market has been on the rise, many companies have also seen their revenues dip due to competition from more niche markets, such as the fast-growing e-commerce and social media sectors.

And with so many ad agencies around the world competing for ad budgets, it can be challenging to keep up.

“You’re competing against all sorts of agencies in different markets, so there’s always a lot of room for improvement,” says Mr Stokes.

“In a lot more countries you might get one agency that’s really good at a certain industry, but if it’s an emerging market, there may be a new agency that doesn’t quite have the same brand or branding.”

Advertising campaigns have become so lucrative that the AAA has launched a new ad program in the United States, called the Adweek Farm.

This year, the AAA teamed up with the Farm to offer free ad space to farmers to show their products to a wide audience, which means farmers are not limited to just selling their products.

“Advertising is such an incredibly complex and nuanced process,” says Ms Stokes.

“In the US, you’re able to spend $100 on an ad, but the amount of money you can save in the long run from a cheaper price point is quite substantial.”

It’s the AAA’s intention to take that idea to the US market, which will have an ad agency helping to sell farm products in exchange for advertising.

“The AAA has partnered with Farm to sell products and is using Farm’s platform to connect farmers with consumers,” Ms Stakes says.

The farm is a farm in Queensland’s far north of the state. “

Farm is a great example of a brand that’s had the ad agency work with them to deliver an ad campaign that is really, really unique.”

The farm is a farm in Queensland’s far north of the state.

The farm’s main focus is the production of beef, and farmers have said they’ve always been able to sell their product.

“This year we have a good harvest, and the grass is really healthy,” says farmer Bill McBride.

“It’s a bit different than the past because we’ve been able a little bit earlier this year to get the beef, but we’ve got a good crop.”

Farm to Farm, a program that helps farmers sell their products, will run until February.


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