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What to Know About Agri-Grain Production in the U.S.

Posted July 29, 2018 09:01:00The number of U.s. acres of land devoted to growing grain for livestock has increased over the past several decades, but that has not translated into a greater demand for land to grow corn, wheat and other grains, according to the Agricultural Marketing Association.“It’s still a little bit of a niche […]

When you are looking for the perfect ad for a farm, don’t go to a corn farm

When you’re looking for an advertising campaign, you should focus on what works best for you.Advertisers looking for a commercial that is well-written and well-executed should consider looking at the type of farming, the kind of land, and the type and type of crop the farm produces.The key here is to choose something that appeals […]

The 1950s agricultural advertisements that sold us corn and soybeans

Corn is now the dominant grain crop on the American landscape, and it has been for decades.Corn is the fastest-growing grain crop in the world, and corn has been on the front burner for a decade, with corn farmers trying to make the transition to sustainable farming.This year, the corn industry spent $13.5 billion on […]

Farmers want federal help to save Iowa farm jobs

Farmers want the Department of Agriculture to give them more help in protecting the jobs of more than 1,500 agricultural workers in Iowa, a new report shows.Farmers are concerned that the new federal crop insurance program is hurting their bottom lines.The report, released by the American Farm Bureau Federation, comes amid a nationwide drought, as […]

Fortuna’s Marcello Marchetti wins Parma, Parma lose to Fiorentina

1.Fortunas Marcellos Marchettis goal against Fiorendina in Serie A – Serie A Kick Off 1.02 – Juventus 0-0 Fiorence 1-0 2.Alessandro Diamanti’s volley in the 66th minute – Fiorengina 1-1 3.Simone Pepe’s effort in the 73rd minute – Frosinone 1-2 4.Gianluigi Buffon’s goal in the 79th minute, the only goal that took place in the […]

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